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In Need of an Age Discrimination Attorney in White Plains, NY?

We Have Been Fighting Against Age Discrimination in the Workplace Since 1992.

Older individuals often have much wisdom and experience to impart in the workplace. However, some employers are prejudiced about hiring older employees because they unfairly equate age with higher medical expenses or slower production rates. Under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), it is illegal for a company to refuse to hire, fire, or promote a person due to their age. If you feel you have been discriminated against in the workplace, Filippatos PLLC is here to help. As age discrimination lawyers in White Plains, NY, we’ve represented thousands of workers in New York City and surrounding areas. Our dedicated law firm has been leveling the playing field since 1992. Please reach out to our team today to request a free initial consultation to see how we can help!

How Are Age Discrimination & Age-Based Harassment Claims Proven?

Age Discrimination Attorney in White Plains, NY

Companies that practice age discrimination in the workplace rarely admit to any wrongdoing. They usually claim the action was taken due to company downsizing, reductions in their workforce, or organizational restructuring. Often, circumstantial evidence is used to prove that age discrimination or age-based harassment has occurred. For example, instances of derogatory remarks overheard about a person’s age, pace, or technology skills could be used against them.

Documented statements, witness testimonies, complaints and incidents reported to human resources, and annual job evaluations are all helpful in proving age discrimination cases. It may be necessary to examine hiring trends at the company to see if they have a history of mainly hiring younger workers or laying off older workers and replacing them with younger ones with equal or fewer job qualifications. We might also look at what type of job training is offered and how growth opportunities are presented to younger versus older workers. Companies should offer equal pay, benefits, training, and promotional opportunities to all workers regardless of their age.

Documenting Occurrences of Age Discrimination at Work

Age discrimination is defined as any actions taken against an individual based on their physical age or years of experience in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if the person is discriminated against while seeking employment or after they’re already on the job. Age discrimination laws make it illegal for companies to use a person’s age as a factor to treat them differently from other employees or job candidates who may be younger. Federal laws typically apply to workers over the age of 40, but state laws protect workers of all ages. New York’s age discrimination laws also cover independent contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and vendors.

There are also laws prohibiting age-based harassment, which occurs whenever a work environment feels intimidating, offensive, or abusive because of age-related slurs, jokes, derogatory remarks, or actions that negatively impact a person’s ability to do their job. If you feel you were wrongfully terminated, demoted, suspended, laid off, forced to quit, passed over for a job or promotion, or given a negative performance review based on your age, you could have the grounds for an age discrimination case. Occurrences of age discrimination in the workplace may be difficult to prove in many cases, which is why you need the aggressive age discrimination attorneys at Filippatos PLLC by your side to help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

How to File a Claim Against Age Discrimination

If you feel you have been a victim of age discrimination in the workplace, you may file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You may also report it locally to the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Commission on Human Rights. You may also speak with an experienced age discrimination lawyer for help with filing a claim. Remember, it is illegal for an employer to take any retaliation against you for complaining or filing an age discrimination case, even if the court decides there was no discrimination.

Damages that Can Be Recovered in Age Discrimination Cases

Whether intentional or unintentional, if you experienced age discrimination in the workplace, you could be entitled to compensation for your lost wages and benefits, emotional distress, attorney fees, and any liquidated or punitive damages. An age discrimination lawyer can help you pursue back pay, front pay, or – in rare instances – reinstatement where the court orders the company to hire, rehire, or promote you.

Consult Our New York Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Do you believe you were unfairly discriminated against because of your age? Consult our New York employment discrimination attorneys today to request a free initial consultation. Our age discrimination attorneys are based in White Plains but represent clients in New York City and many surrounding areas. You may check out our testimonials to see how our firm has helped thousands of workers just like you.

Preserving Justice in the Workplace Since 1992