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What Labor Day Means in 2023

September 04, 2023

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Written by Lily Filippatos

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The tradition behind Labor Day is one that uplifts the hardworking people of our country and calls for increasing justice on their behalf. It is a celebration of the achievements of America’s Labor movement, and an acknowledgement of the contributions workers have made to the prosperity of our nation.

All workers deserve dignity and respect: equal job opportunities, equal pay, safe and lawful working conditions, and protection from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

What is the history behind Labor Day?

Dating back to the labor movement of the 19th century, Labor Day originated during a time of deep strife for America’s workers, who were being overworked, underpaid, and subjected to unsafe working conditions.

As activists and labor unions advocated for better treatment for workers at the height of the Industrial Revolution, the idea emerged to create a holiday dedicated to celebrating the members of trade and labor unions.

Joshua Freeman, a labor historian and professor emeritus at the City University of New York, notes that there was also a more radical element to the Labor Day celebration, with The Knights of Labor exploring the idea that “what we call the capitalist or industrial system was fundamentally exploitative,” he said. “It introduced kind of inequities and inequalities, not just in wealth, but also in power. So they wanted a greater say in society for working people.”

What does Labor Day mean in 2023? 

The labor movement has thrust to the forefront of our political landscape in 2023, with many industries taking a stand and demanding labor rights.

In Hollywood, screenwriters have been on strike for nearly four months, with actors joining the picket lines in July. Both unions are seeking better compensation as well as protections regarding the use of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, unionized workers at UPS came close to a mass walkout before approving a new contract last month that includes pay increases and safety protections for workers. 

Last month, auto workers voted to give union leaders the authority to call strikes against Detroit car companies if no contract agreement is reached by the deadline, which is September 14th. 

Flight attendants at American Airlines have also voted to authorize a strike.

The upward trend in labor strikes is indicative of a determined workforce that will no longer be silenced, filled with dedicated workers who have the courage to stand up for their rights.

What does Labor Day mean to us?

Labor Day is emblematic of the very values we at Filippatos PLLC strive to uphold each day. We work tirelessly to ensure employees are afforded the dignity and respect they deserve. We acknowledge that the fight toward equity is ongoing, and we commit ourselves to fiercely advocating for all employees across all spectrums of identity. 

We take pride in our efforts to preserve the rights of all employees, and we will never cease the fight toward true justice in the workplace. Happy Labor Day to all the hard workers out there.

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