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Race Discrimination and Retaliation in the High Fashion Indus

Awards and Settlements Won by Filippatos PLLC’s Employment Law Attorneys

At Filippatos PLLC, in White Plains, New York, we’re employment law attorneys that get results for our clients. When you have suffered injustice in the workplace, it’s often difficult to know how your situation will conclude. Many people are understandably concerned that they will endure a long, litigious process and get no compensation in the end. Our employment lawyers only take cases they are confident they can win. While past results do not guarantee future outcomes, we wanted to share some examples of recent cases where our client-centric, result-driven approach achieved significant relief for employees and workers.

Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Banking Industry

Sexual harassment is a prohibited form of sex discrimination protected by state and federal law. That’s why we recently helped a client who was a victim of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and retaliation at an international investment banking firm obtain a $1.1 million settlement. If you have been a victim of workplace sexual harassment or assault, our attorney can work with you to help you seek legal redress for the wrongs that you have suffered.

SEC Whistleblower Award in the Financial Services Industry

When an employee of a company brings evidence of wrongdoing to the attention of the SEC, they are protected by law. In addition, the SEC rewards employees with significant awards in situations where monetary sanctions are high enough. In 2022, our firm helped a client obtain a $1,050,000 award from the SEC for uncovering egregious wrongdoing in the financial services industry.

Gender Discrimination and Defamation in the Financial Services Industry

Unscrupulous actors often try to cover up gender discrimination by defaming the victim’s character. Our firm doesn’t let that go unchecked. That’s why we recently obtained a $600,000 settlement regarding our client’s gender discrimination and defamation claims in the financial services industry.

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Not too long ago, our firm settled a case in the retail automobile industry for $527,500. A company victimized one of our clients by allowing a powerful senior executive to sexually harass and discriminate against her on the basis of her gender.

Race Discrimination and Retaliation in the High Fashion Industry

Even though racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal, it continues to happen in many ways. In early 2022, our firm secured a $450,000 settlement for a client who was subjected to numerous indignities and microaggressions because of her race in a high fashion, online luxury retail environment.

Gender Discrimination and Protected Leave Interference in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our employment law attorneys have represented many clients who suffered discrimination due to medical conditions. When a firm hindered our client’s ability to use their protected leave from work in the pharmaceutical industry, we helped our client get a $350,000 settlement for her disability discrimination and protected leave interference claims.

Age Discrimination in the Telecommunications Industry

Cases of age discrimination are often overlooked and ignored, but our firm knows how to handle them. In early 2022, we resolved a claim in the telecommunications industry where our client was unfairly treated and forced out of the company because of her age. In the end, the settlement resulted in $280,000 for our client.

Gender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Medical Supplies Industry

Unfortunately, homophobic and toxic work environments continue to exist despite state and federal laws protecting such conduct. Our employment attorneys helped obtain a $275,000 settlement for a client who was victimized by such acts by his employer, a large medical supplier.

Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Entertainment Industry

Sexual harassment is always a cruel act, but it’s even more reprehensible when it escalates to assault. This happens more often than it should in the media and entertainment industry. In late 2021, we helped a victim of sexual harassment and assault in the media and entertainment industry receive $225,000 in compensation.

Racial Discrimination in the Cable News Industry

Our firm has also helped a client receive a $210,000 settlement for racial discrimination in the cable-news industry. Skin color is no reason to treat employees differently or hire candidates preferentially. Our firm is determined to ensure victims of racial discrimination receive the monetary compensation they are entitled to under the law.

Disability Discrimination in the HVAC Industry

As employment law attorneys near White Plains, New York, we know that the HVAC industry can involve a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, many employers in the field don’t provide reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals. In the latter part of 2021, we helped a client reach a settlement for disability discrimination within the HVAC industry. They received $185,000.

Gender Discrimination in the E-Commerce Security Industry

Employees in the e-commerce security industry should all receive fair treatment, no matter their gender. When we heard that a client had been unfairly discriminated against due to their gender, we took action. Ultimately, we were able to help our client acquire a $175,000 settlement against an e-commerce security company for gender discrimination it had perpetrated.

Consult With an Experienced Employment Law Attorney Near You

At Filippatos LLC, our firm fights injustice, discrimination, and mistreatment on all fronts. We believe that malicious and unethical actors should pay for the harm they do. Even more importantly, the victims of mistreatment and abuse deserve compensation for their damages. You need dedicated employment law attorneys who have a proven track record of exceptional results, although past successes do not guarantee future outcomes. Especially if you have been the victim of an unjust employment practice like wrongful termination, leave interference, wage violations, or any other form of unlawful discrimination, harassment, abuse, or retaliation you need to know your rights!. To get a free consultation with an experienced employment law attorney, just call us or schedule a Zoom call.

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