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You should feel safe at work. When you feel your superiors or colleagues may be treating you poorly because of who you are, you deserve legal representation that hears your concerns and fights for your rights.

The law firm of Filippatos PLLC fights hard to protect your rights against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace.

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Workplace Discrimination Attorneys in White Plains, NY

Filippatos PLLC is a law firm whose White Plains team is ready to tackle your workplace discrimination case. Our experienced attorneys serve White Plains, the Greater Tri-State Area, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida.

Our Team Is Dedicated to Fighting for Your Rights

Filippatos PLLC combines decades of legal experience with patience and compassion to provide representation uniquely tailored to your needs. Our team of accomplished New York attorneys is dedicated to treating you like family.

We understand that each person is different, and each case poses a diverse set of challenges. We will do our level best to give voice to your individuality and personal agency. We approach matters with you in mind. With our client-centric and result-driven approach, we will act as your fierce legal advocate and find a solution that is right for you.

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Filippatos PLLC has been helping clients defend their rights in the workplace. Our firm grew in White Plains, New York. Located on Main Street in the Bar Building, we’ve served West Chester County with a proven record of success.

We serve Upstate New York, and the five boroughs of NYC: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. We believe the client’s individuality and agency are of the utmost importance in determining the optimal solution for each case.

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At Filippatos PLLC in White Plains, our commitment to our clients goes beyond legal advocacy; we see each person as a unique individual deserving of respect and dignity. Understanding the personal and emotional challenges that come with facing workplace discrimination, we approach each case with compassion and a commitment to listen to your concerns.

Our experienced team stands by you throughout your legal journey, ensuring you never feel alone. We combine our compassionate counseling with fierce advocacy, aggressively pursuing justice against adversaries to secure the victories our clients deserve.

With over three decades of successful outcomes, we are dedicated to winning your case through a client-centered approach that respects and amplifies your voice.

Workplace Discrimination Laws

Every employee has the right to go to work without fear of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. Dealing with unfair or unlawful treatment at work on your own can be tiring and draining, so finding an experienced and compassionate discrimination lawyer to represent you is critical to your success.

Filippatos PLLC in White Plains is ready to champion your legal rights and help you come to a supremely fair solution aligned with your unique goals.

Gender & Sex Discrimination

You are protected from gender and sex discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment, lowered wages, or unfair policies are all examples of discrimination.

Sexual Harassment & Assault

Have you been the victim of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical sexualized harassment?

Race Discrimination

Termination based on race or being called racial slurs are just a few reasons to pursue a race discrimination case.

Disability Discrimination

If you have a disorder or other physical or mental challenge, the law entitles you to protection from disability discrimination.

Pregnancy Discrimination

If you are pregnant, you have protections in the workplace. It is illegal to fire or demote you for taking time off due to a pregnancy or a pregnancy-related medical issue.

LGBTQIA+ Discrimination

Does your employer intentionally misgender you? Are you stereotyped, or subjected to sexual jokes, inappropriate language, or unwelcome sexual advances?

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Our team of dedicated attorneys in West Chester County is well-versed in handling many other areas of employment law. We’re ready to explore your employment case, no matter how complex or esoteric the legal issues may be.

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