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Workplace Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

If you have a disorder or other physical or mental challenge, the law entitles you to protection from disability discrimination.

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Pregnancy Discrimination

If you are pregnant, you have protections in the workplace. It is illegal to fire or demote you for taking time off due to a pregnancy or a pregnancy-related medical issue.

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LGBTQIA+ Discrimination

Does your employer intentionally misgender you? Are you stereotyped, or subjected to sexual jokes, inappropriate language, or unwelcome sexual advances?

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Age Discrimination

If you believe you have been a victim of age discrimination in the workplace or were fired because of an age-related issue, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Ethnicity & Nationality Discrimination in the Workplace

When someone is denied a job, promotion, equal pay, or faces termination based solely on their skin color, race, religion, or culture, they've been discriminated against. They could be entitled to compensation.

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Glass Ceiling Discrimination

In today’s workplace climate, the glass ceiling is still an unfortunate obstacle for far too many women and people of other marginalized identities trying to advance their careers.

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Protected Leave Status Interference

Workers are permitted time away from work, and shouldn't face repercussions from their employers. If you've been fired or punished for taking your permitted time, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Religious Discrimination

Fitting religious practices into your daily life, specifically the workplace, can be challenging. Your employer is required to make reasonable accommodations for your religious observances.

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