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Industries With The Highest Sexual Harassment Rates

Sexual harassment in the workplace is defined as any unwanted sexual conduct from a colleague, subordinate, or supervisor. Learn which industries have the highest rates.

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Unfortunately, despite the success of the #MeToo Movement, sexual harassment remains highly prevalent in the workplace.

The workplace acts as a microcosm of society, where authority figures manipulate power dynamics in order to exert control over others.

Sexual harassment is rampant in many industries. Here are the industries with the highest sexual harassment rates according to the EEOC:


The top two industries where sexual harassment is the most prevalent are accommodation and food services. 90% of women who work in restaurants experience verbal harassment, half of whom report it happening on a weekly basis. Additionally, 75% of victims of sexual harassment in the hospitality industry face retaliation after reporting unlawful behavior.


Sexual harassment happens all too often in the medical industry, with 11.48% of EEOC sexual harassment reports originating in the healthcare and social assistance industry.

The issue is particularly problematic in the field of nursing, with 60% of nurses experiencing sexual harassment at work. However, only 27% actually reported it to their employer, indicating a cycle in which our healthcare workers are silently suffering abuse.

The issue also seems to transcend gender within this industry, with 51% of male nurses experiencing sexual harassment.


With hierarchy embedded into the structure of academic institutions, it is unfortunately no surprise that this power imbalance results in frequent sexual harassment.

58% of people in the academic workplace—i.e. students, faculty, staff—experience sexual harassment. Around 40% of students who experience sexual harassment develop subsequent mental health issues.

For more information on sexual harassment in the academic setting, learn about the protections afforded under Title IX.


 The intense power structure of the military is often taken advantage of for the purposes of sexual harassment.

60% of sexual harassment within the military is committed by a supervisor or leader. Women in the military are at nearly five times the risk than men to experience sexual harassment, with 41% of female veterans saying they were victims.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is historically predominantly male. Entrenched within the corporate structure is an inherent power imbalance, which is often used as a tool of manipulation and coercion.

According to a survey conducted by Wealth Management, almost 60% of women within the industry report experiencing sexual harassment, and 40% of women agree that sexual harassment is a common occurrence. 28% of women described sexual harassment within the financial services industry as “rampant.”


It is an unfortunate truth that the entertainment industry is rife with sexual harassment. One in five women in the entertainment industry report being sexually harassed at some point in their careers.

With the rise of the #MeToo movement originating in Hollywood, it is no surprise that this industry is infected with a pattern of coercive behavior.

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Sexual harassment within any context is unlawful and unacceptable. All people have the right to a safe and secure working environment free of harassment. If you have been a victim of any type of workplace sexual harassment, please visit our page on What to Do If You Experience Workplace Sexual Harassment.

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