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Filippatos PLLC
Fairness and Justice at Work

Leveling The Playing Field For Employment Disputes

At Filippatos PLLC, we fight for you to achieve fairness and justice in the workplace. Our firm consists of a team of dedicated professionals who strive to treat you (and each other) like family, because dealing with unfair and unlawful treatment in the workplace will often put you and your family in crisis. Through strategic thinking and tactical expertise, we forcefully leverage our advocacy skills to win innovative and compassionate solutions for your employment discrimination that are both lucrative and restorative for our clients. While many of our competitors prescribe their brand as the only approach, we reject this “one-size-fits-all” philosophy and instead strive to achieve a successful result that is most aligned with your unique needs. For example, some cases are best litigated in the court of public opinion, while others benefit most from private adjudication. Simply put, it depends on each client’s specific goals and circumstances. We believe the client’s individuality and agency are of the utmost importance in determining the optimal solution for each case.

Employment Law, Litigation & ADR

Client Centric ● Result Driven

Parisis G. (“Gerry”) Filippatos has personally led litigations and negotiations that have resulted in the recovery of over $70 Million for his clients collectively. Having represented thousands of individuals in the workplace, and conducted over a thousand legal proceedings, including depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and trials, Mr. Filippatos views his role as an attorney to be part advocate, part educator, and part guardian of his clients’ rights in the workplace.

Strategic Thinking and Tactical Expertise

Sound Decision Making

Mr. Filippatos has dedicated his career to representing individuals against employers who violate civil rights laws to deprive individuals of equal opportunity and fair treatment. Mr. Filippatos zealously represents his clients by leveling the playing field in their favor. In his 30 years of service to the legal community, Mr. Filippatos has represented clients from myriad walks of life and backgrounds to resolve all manner of workplace disputes, whether it be alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration; or traditional adjudication through litigation, trial, or appeal.

At Filippatos PLLC we believe that all individuals—from executives in the boardroom to shift workers on the factory floor—are entitled to fair pay, a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and the opportunity to advance their careers without prejudice, restrictions or limitations.

Equal Opportunity and Fair Treatment

Dignity and Respect

Filippatos PLLC is focused on employment law and litigation regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race, racial harassment, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability, or protected leave status in the workplace.

Keenly aware that the client’s wishes should be paramount in the disposition of the case, Mr. Filippatos takes very seriously his professional responsibility to facilitate sound decision-making on their behalf. Driven to make a beneficial difference in their lives, Mr. Filippatos is relentless in his pursuit of justice for his clients. While every case is different, Mr. Filippatos firmly believes that every client should be treated fundamentally the same—with fairness, dignity, and respect.


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Preserving Justice in the Workplace Since 1992

199 Main Street, Suite 800
White Plains, NY 10601

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Preserving Justice in the Workplace Since 1992