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At Filippatos PLLC we believe mediation is an effective method of resolving disputes.

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When you have an employment or contract dispute, you want to protect your interests. However, you may not want to take it to court.

You could seek an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to mend your dispute. Finding an experienced New York mediation lawyer is critical to getting you the best outcome possible.

What are Alternative Dispute Resolutions?

All types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) have one thing in common:  they provide other means to resolve disputes among parties rather than commencing a court action.

The only difference between arbitration and court litigation is that court action is publicly heard and decided by a judge, whereas arbitration is privately heard and decided by an arbitrator.

While both are similarly coercive in nature, mediation is very different in that it is totally voluntary and decided by the parties.  In mediation, a resolution can only be reached if all parties agree to a negotiated settlement.

Other Sub-Categories

Our team of experienced attorneys handles a variety of sub-categories, including:

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Filippatos PLLC has extensive experience directly negotiating cases with both large corporate and closely held entities represented by large or small law firms.

We also mediate and arbitrate cases before international ADR organizations such as JAMS and AAA. Mr. Filippatos has personally mediated or arbitrated over 500 cases.

We believe that mediation is a very effective method of resolving disputes.

Over the years we have developed strong working relationships with all of the top employment law mediators and arbitrators in the field.

If it best serves your interests, we will strategize with you to posture your case for ADR whenever possible.

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We practice in New York, including the Greater Tri-State area of New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as Florida.

At Filippatos PLLC, we believe all individuals—from factory workers to boardroom executives—are entitled to dignity and respect.

Our team of experienced mediation lawyers in New York City will fight hard to secure you the justice you deserve.

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