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New York Severance & Termination Lawyers

It can be shocking for your job to end, even if you sensed it was ending soon. When your employment ends, you might have several questions.

Filippatos PLLC can represent you in your severance or termination needs. We can negotiate terms and identify your goal. Call to schedule your free consultation at our NYC legal office.

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After your employment ends, you might be wondering if you’re getting a fair severance package or if you’re getting one at all.

Having the right legal representation can help you protect your rights.

Investigating Severance & Termination Agreements

When you lose a position within a company, you need a legal team with experience and an in-depth understanding of employment law and mediation to handle your severance and separation agreements.

Every employee deserves fair treatment and compensation when they are released from a professional organization.

Whether in the context of a reduction in force (“RIF”), a reorganization or planned restructuring (“Reorg”), or an individual firing, we will investigate to determine whether your separation was appropriately carried out or if you were the victim of a wrongful termination.

No matter how large or powerful your former employer, or small your paycheck, we will offer our legal expertise to vindicate your rights if we determine that your case has merit and we have the capacity to undertake it.

Regardless of the context, we will prosecute your matter with dedication, zeal and skill.

We negotiate reasonable terms of separation and severance for employees by helping them separate from their former employer with fairness, dignity, and respect.

If, however, we determine in consultation with you that a claim must be filed, we will help you pursue the best possible outcome and terms of resolution.

Other Sub-Categories

Our team of experienced attorneys handle a variety of severance, separation, and termination claims, including:

  • Benefits
  • Constructive Discharge
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Early Retirement
  • Exit Packages
  • For Cause Termination/Good Reason Resignation
  • Golden Parachutes
  • Job Elimination
  • Reduction in Force
  • Reorganization
  • Form U-5
  • Waivers & Releases
  • WARN

Contact a New York City Termination Rights Lawyer

Filippatos PLLC represents individuals whose employment is ending, either by voluntary resignation or coerced termination.

We understand this transitionary period can be turbulent, even with the best preparations. We can investigate your case to determine if you were wrongfully terminated or if your former employer is improperly withholding severance benefits.

We negotiate agreements to obtain the best possible terms for our clients under these challenging circumstances of transition.

We work with our clients to determine their legal claims and identify their goals to aggressively pursue those claims and goals through negotiation, litigation, or ADR.

We practice in New York, including the Greater Tri-State area of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida.

Filippatos PLLC is Dedicated to Finding the Right Solution for You

If you are seeking a free consultation regarding a severance or termination agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Filippatos PLLC, we believe everyone — from factory workers to boardroom executives — is entitled to dignity and respect. Our team of experienced severance and termination lawyers in NYC will fight hard to secure you the justice you deserve.

If you are dealing with an issue regarding severance, separation, or termination agreements, Filippatos PLLC’s team of experienced severance and termination attorneys is ready to hear your claim and help you secure justice.

Please give us a call at 888-9-JOBLAW, send us a chat, fill out our online form, or schedule a free Zoom consultation so we may discuss the details of your case.

We are committed to finding a compassionate, innovative, and successful solution that is right for you.