Workplace Discrimination

Causes of Gender Discrimination

As with all discrimination in the workplace, gender discrimination is the result of a power imbalance.

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Why is Gender Discrimination Common in Today’s Workplace?

Power imbalances are entrenched within the modern corporate structure, which still favors white males over women and people of other marginalized identities all too often.

The employment-at-will doctrine, which essentially states that a worker has no right to favorable treatment or continued employment, exacerbates further the power imbalance between employer and employee.

What Happens In a Power Imbalance?

When these power dynamics are manipulated by management to exert control over workers with marginalized identities, the result is unlawful discrimination.

Gender discrimination is particularly pernicious as the corporate power imbalance feeds into societal stereotypes and structures that allow men to exert dominance over women in a forceful, manipulative, and coercive manner.

The workplace is a microcosm of society at large, allowing men to utilize their privileged position to assert power and control over women for their own personal gain.

It is an unfortunate truth that a disproportionate amount of authoritative positions in the workplace are held by men, and all too often are used to oppress women in order to obtain dominance  over them.

Examples of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination in the workplace can be expressed in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Abuse of authority by powerful men
  • Lack of opportunity for women to progress up the corporate ladder without being subjected to gender bias or sexual harassment
  • Erecting invisible barriers to advancement that deprive women of equal opportunity (glass ceiling)

The manipulation of power in the workplace in order to oppress people through gender stereotypes is unlawful and unacceptable. All people have the right to a working environment that is safe and free of discrimination.

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