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Find an Ethnicity or Nationality Employment Discrimination Lawyer at Filippatos PLLC

Since 1992, the team of race discrimination lawyers at Filippatos PLLC in White Plains, NY has fought hard to seek justice for employees who’ve been the victim of employment discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 included sex-based and ethnicity protections for groups who’ve historically been treated as inferior to white male counterparts. Unfortunately, more than 50 years later, our work continues to fight for the rights of applicants and employees who have been denied jobs, promotions, equal pay, or been fired due to their race, religion, skin color, and other cultural traits. Contact us today to speak with an ethnicity lawyer during a free consultation.

Employment Discrimination Based on Ethnicity or Nationality

Ethnicity Lawyer in White Plains, NY

Companies, organizations, or hiring personnel that bring biases and stereotypical views towards certain groups or cultures are breaking the law when those beliefs play a role in making employment decisions. While they may try to hide their reasons for certain choices behind other factors, it is often evident to the individual receiving the poor treatment that the decisions are based on ethnicity. Common scenarios our race discrimination lawyers see are:

  • Employees denied a position or promotion that they were qualified for, especially when asked to answer questions about their ethnicity on the application or in the interview
  • Being paid less than similarly qualified coworkers of other backgrounds, even with excellent job reviews for previous work
  • Getting fired, wrongfully terminated, or otherwise mistreated without a history of poor performance or workplace discipline
  • A person subjected to ethnic-based harassment in the workplace

What Are Employee Rights Against Ethnicity or Nationality Discrimination?

In simple terms, no one can be denied a job, promotion, or comparable salary based on ethnicity, race, or national origin. These protections cover individuals nationwide at companies with at least 15 employees or more. New York state and the city have adopted local laws that expand these same protections for those working at companies with at least four employees. Our team has extensive experience in litigation in these types of cases in small companies and as large as Fortune 500 companies. We work with clients every step of the way to fight for their rights while seeking compensation. You can do a few things to help set your case up for success even before speaking with an ethnicity employment lawyer.

  • Gather any information to help support your claim, including emails, texts, applications, and details from witnesses
  • Document the order of events and detail what took place
  • Note any employees of a different race or national origin in a similar situation who received better treatment

We Protect Workers Against Ethnic or National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace

Ethnicity encompasses a wide range of traits, including race, language, religion, skin color, and other cultural characteristics. Making assumptions about a person’s abilities or work tendencies and even banning certain articles of clothing are all violations of the law and grounds for employment discrimination. This type of behavior is detrimental to workplace morale, self-esteem, and productivity. Individuals must also understand and not feel intimidated about reporting race discrimination because it’s unlawful for employers to retaliate against any employee who files a complaint about ethnic origin discrimination in ways that include:

  • Firing an employee
  • Reducing hours
  • Demoting an employee
  • Assigning less responsibility
  • And similar retaliatory or hostile actions

Schedule a Consultation With an Ethnicity/Nationality Discrimination Lawyer Today!

Filippatos PLLC offers steadfast representation for employees in White Plains, NY facing challenges that require the dedication of workplace discrimination lawyers. With experience devising company policy handbooks and overseeing the enforcement of workplace policies, our attorneys have seen first-hand what employees face in the workplace. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Preserving Justice in the Workplace Since 1992