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Filippatos PLLC Fights Glass Ceiling Discrimination

Gerry Filippatos was the principal litigator for Alison Schieffel in a glass ceiling class action case brought by the EEOC against Morgan Stanley, which resulted in a landmark settlement of $54 million in 2004. Unfortunately, in today’s job world, the glass ceiling in the workplace is still an all-too-common obstacle for women and minorities trying to advance their careers. At Filippatos Law, we are dedicated to staunchly defending the rights of female and minority employees in White Plains, NY, who are the victim of glass ceiling discrimination. These individuals often feel powerless against corporate cultures that believe white men are the only capable candidates for leadership positions in an organization. The glass ceiling is an artificial barrier that women and minorities often run into when trying to climb the corporate ladder. Does this sound familiar in your current role? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

How to Recognize Glass Ceiling Discrimination

Our team is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals in workplace laws. Our experience includes cases involving sex discrimination, employment disputes, and whistleblower protections. Corporations cannot make decisions for employment or promotions based on race or sex. But how do you know if you’ve hit a glass ceiling? Common signs signaling this illegal practice is happening include:

Glass Ceiling Lawyer in White Plains, NY By Filippatos PLLC
  • Being denied a job promotion even when having a history of strong job performance and the proper qualifications
  • Not being given the responsibility and visibility of handling high volume or valuable clients
  • Exclusion from meetings involving discussions of pertinent, vital department or company information
  • Receiving degrading or demeaning comments based on sex or race
  • Overlooked or not included for leadership training or experience opportunities
  • Denied resources to be successful in a current position
  • Not receiving comparable pay or bonus payouts to white male counterparts performing the same level of work
  • Working in a company with a history of not having anyone other than white males in leadership roles

Addressing Glass Ceiling Discrimination

What should you do if you feel like you’re a victim of glass ceiling discrimination? For the strongest case, there are some critical steps to take. Most companies have an HR department or employee handbook outlining proper steps to take within the organization. Make sure you:

  • File a written complaint and follow any steps outlined by HR or the company’s guidelines
  • Familiarize yourself with the amount of time you have to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Speak with a qualified and experienced glass ceiling attorney at our firm by scheduling a free consultation

Attorneys Helping Victims of Discrimination in New York Workplaces

The 1964 Civil Rights Act includes protections for female employees against discrimination involving any aspect of their job, including pay, promotions, benefits, or duties. This act also applies to people in minorities. The federal law pertains to any company with at least 15 employees. New York state and city laws expand these same protections to cover companies with as few as four employees. No matter how small an organization you work for, your rights as a female or minority employee are protected just as strongly as they are at a major corporation. We are here to ensure your case is reviewed thoroughly by our team and you get the compensation you deserve. Not pursuing your case could mean financial loss or even wrongful termination.

Contact A Glass Ceiling Discrimination Lawyer

Since 1992, Filippatos PLLC has been guided by the determination to provide outstanding legal counsel to clients battling unlawful employment practices, including glass ceiling discrimination in White Plains, NY. No matter how large or small the organization you work for, all companies are responsible for promoting and assigning important work to employees based on performance, qualifications, and experience, not based on gender or race. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Preserving Justice in the Workplace Since 1992