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Filippatos PLLC Provides Protection Against Racial Discrimination

If you’ve faced racial discrimination in the workplace, you deserve an experienced lawyer on your side. Filippatos PLLC will protect you from harassment, lost wages, ill-treatment, or retaliation on the basis of your race in White Plains, NY. We’ll build a unique case designed especially to address how you’ve experienced racial discrimination while at work. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on race. When an employee is subjected to discrimination due to their race, it violates local, state, and federal laws. Contact our office to learn more about your right to be free of racial discrimination and to schedule a free consultation.

Race Discrimination Lawyer in White Plains, NY

Types of Workplace Racial Discrimination

There are multiple types of workplace racial discrimination, including:

  • Employers refusing to hire or offering inferior employment terms based on race
  • The use of racial slurs
  • Unwelcome comments about racial characteristics
  • Propagation of negative racial stereotypes
  • Discouraging minority applicants
  • Excluding minority employees from participation in workplace programs
  • Indirect or unintentional racial discrimination based on the disparate impact of policies
  • Wrongful termination based on race
  • Being denied resources for success because of your race
  • Not receiving comparable pay or benefits because of your race
  • Being unfairly disciplined because of your race
Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Race Discrimination Evidence in New York

In New York, evidence is needed to prove race discrimination. While most companies understand discrimination is illegal, many employees do not follow suit. Employers must take the necessary steps to address racial discrimination and harassment in the workplace by colleagues or coworkers. It’s essential to document any and all types of racial discrimination you may experience in the workplace, including patterns of company discrimination that affect other employees. This evidence can include statistics showing racial bias in the company or evidence that management allows offensive racial comments to be made in the workplace on a routine basis. We will help you determine the best evidence to present for your specific case.

New York Race Discrimination Laws

It is illegal to deny any employee a position, promotion, or salary based on race, ethnicity, or national origin. Any company with at least 15 employees must abide by these laws. The State of New York also protects employees from racist behaviors or comments in the workplace. The Filippatos PLLC team has extensive experience in litigation fighting racial discrimination within both small and large companies.

We Fight Against Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Our employment attorneys are committed to bringing cases that will stop race discrimination by employers, including wrongful terminations, and whistleblower protections. We understand that many employees don’t fully know or understand the rights designed to protect them from race discrimination nationwide. Even if you feel your case may be too challenging or insignificant, gives us a call – we’ll educate you about the law and we’ll fight for you if you choose to pursue your case. We’ll meet with you to discuss the circumstances, hear your story, and advise you on how to move forward.

Why Hire A Racial Discrimination Attorney?

This country fought a Civil War and passed laws like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ensure that no one is subjected to racial discrimination in the workplace. It’s also important to understand that you may be eligible for compensation for your emotional damages. Our racial discrimination lawyers will advocate for you if you’ve been passed over for promotions or if you have received not received fair wages because of your race. We may seek compensation for back pay if you were denied a raise or fired due to racial discrimination, or we may ask for compensatory damages regarding your emotional distress. Our team is dedicated to achieving racial justice in the workplace. When you’re with us, you’re with family.


Contact Filippatos Law Today

For nearly 30 years, Filippatos PLLC in White Plains, NY has successfully represented employees by fighting for their rights. We employ innovative and aggressive approaches to ensure success. We understand that certain cases are best litigated publicly, while others require private adjudication, including ADR (alternative dispute resolution). We offer free consultations and will answer all of your questions about your racial discrimination case. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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